Sant is the fusion of years of experience and the passion for ongoing creation, with an unwavering respect and fidelity to the noble materials of our craft and our values.


We are the second and third generation of Sant Family jewelers, dedicated to jewelry-making since the 1930s, when Ramon Sant Mercader, during a time of political instability, left his engineering studies to delve into the world of jewelry-making with his cousins, Alfons and Rafel Serrahima.
Their jewelry broke with the overdone aesthetic of the time, innovating with a cleaner vision incorporating purity of lines, and sophistication within simplicity. The city’s cultivated bourgeoisie that shunned post-war ostentation eagerly accepted this style, and they continued this trend, which evolved into the signature styles of Eduard and Mercè Sant Corominas, Ramon Sant’s children, who took on the business from its founders in the 1970s. Today this creative and commercial tradition continues with the incorporation of the 3rd generation, Caroline and Eduard Sant Chalois
We consider ourselves romantics given today’s challenge of maintaining an exclusively family-run business, shying away from the current imperative of standardization in the jewelry world while remaining true to such principles as honor and discretion.inspiracio-sant

familia sant




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