Our collection of gems cut by Atelier Munsteiner

To speak of Atelier Munsteiner is to speak of world renowned, exquisite contemporary gem shaping and cutting.
At their workshop in Stipshausen, Germany, Bernd, Tom and Jutta Munsteiner create true works of art by using their surprising and innovative shaping techniques on gems of the highest quality.
Their creations combine hypnotic gemstones, formed by the mystery of nature, with human artistic talent — whereby the artists use the stones’ natural essence to bring to light their artistic expression. The results are gems resembling sculptures, of the finest collectors’ quality.
We are enormously pleased to offer our own collection of gems shaped by Atelier Munsteiner, mounted in our original designs. Visitors to our jewelry shop at carrer Petritxol 1, Barcelona will always find pieces that we have created, using Munsteiner gems, as well as unset stones. Here is a sample.
Munsteiner Barcelona
Munsteiner Barcelona