The Estora bracelet, featured on Vogue

We are very proud to see our classic bracelet, Estora, featured in the August 2016 issue of Vogue. In the article, Africa Posse, of the Miquel Alzueta Gallery, is radiant in designs by Celine and Isabel Marant complemented by an Estora bracelet on each wrist, as her only accessories. Wearing the double bracelets is one of Africa’s characteristic looks and we are thrilled as you can imagine that our pieces are, yet again, part of the wearer’s personal style.

África Regina Giménez

On one of the pictures, África sits next to a painting by Regina Giménez, an artist that we especially admire. The print of the Isabel Marant dress that África is wearing is inspired by this painting, and is accessorized by the Estora bracelets.


África Posse Céline Polseres Estora

Céline dress and Sant Estora bracelets.



Sant Joieria

Polsera Joiearia Sant

The Estora bracelet is handmade in sterling silver with 18k yellow gold dots.

It is entirely hand-braided in our workshop and the result of exceptional craftsmanship.

It is one of our most iconic pieces and represents the pure lines, craftsmanship and sophistication, which, combined with simplicity, has been representative of our creations since the early 1930s.